Google Cloud Platform Project

Abhiroop Bas
3 min readAug 26, 2020
Kubernetes cluster and load balancer to a Wordpress site managed by a SQL server from two different projects

Project description:

Using GCP platform to create a load balancer with the help of a Kubernetes cluster and SQL server for a php site for two projects connected by VPC peering

Project Objective:

1. Create multiple projects namely developer and production

2. Create VPC network for both the projects

3. Create a link between both the VPC networks using VPC Peering

4. Create a Kubernetes Cluster in developer project and launch any web application with the Load balancer

5. Create a SQL server in the production project and create a database

6. Connect the SQL database to the web application launched in the Kubernetes cluster

Load balancer

Services and technologies used:

· Google Cloud Platform Console

· Compute Engine

· Virtual Private Cloud

· Firewall

· Google Cloud Engine

· Google Kubernetes Engine

· Structured Query Language

· Load balancer

Google Cloud Platform

· Identity and Access Management



STEP 1: Create two projects say, “devproject” and “prodproject”

STEP 2: Create a new instance

The instance in devproject is set up as a CentOS 7 in asia-southeast-1 region (Singapore).

The instance in prodproject is set up as a CentOS 7 in us-east-1 region (South Carolina).


STEP 3: Create firewall rule

Allow Ingress for all IP ranges ( for the tcp: 80 port

STEP 4: Setup VPC sub network

The sub network for the devproject instance be set up in us-east-1 and that for prodproject instance in asia-southeast-1 region

STEP 5: VPC peering

Apply for VPC peering from both the projects to each other to enable the systems to be connected.

VPC peering

STEP 6: Use GKE to setup a Kubernetes cluster

Add a node to the devproject and create a Kubernetes cluster in 3 zones.

Kubernetes cluster

STEP 7: Load balancer

Use kubectl.exe from the command prompt connected to the devproject to do horizontal scaling of pods and use deployment to setup a load balancer

STEP 8: SQL database

Setup a SQL database in the prodproject using the Storage services of GCP and add a database to it. Add user to it to enable update into the database.

SQL database

STEP 9: Wordpress image setup

Setup the Wordpress image using kubectl.exe and attach the load balancer to it.

STEP 10: IAM services

Use defined set of roles or customized roles to give access to the prodproject as other users through Google account


The Google Cloud Platform can be used to manage and cater to clients from all across the world without having physical offices in all the destinations.