Containerization using Python

Deploy Docker using Python


Container technology is one of the most interesting and important technology used by the modern world. This enables us to launch a complete operating system and boot it within seconds and with very minimal space. This is made possible by the use of container technology on a base OS. Docker is one such technology that enables us to launch containers. Docker Hub is the repository of docker images universally.

Common Gateway Interface

The CGI gateway is a way to create web apps and implement them on a web server. This makes use of a scripting language like python to set up a program for a client to use without logging in to the server.


Home Web page

The above web page is created basic HTML code with a form to input the name of the docker image intended to deploy.

Deploying Ubuntu:14.04

The form has been redirected to a python code in a cgi-bin directory and hosted using Apache Httpd server. In this example, I have tried to launch an Ubuntu:14.04 image.

Docker image

Seems like the image is launched!




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