AWS for your plate

AWS food delivery apps

Cloud provider giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) helped solving a very important and prominent problem faced by fast food chain giants McDonalds deliver delicious mouth craving food all across the world. The world’s largest restaurant company with 37,000 locations serving 64 million people, as of 2008, used AWS to create an efficient Home Delivery platform that integrated local restaurants with food delivery partners like UberEats.

AWS architecture

The huge network of food delivery system was created using micro services such as Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Application Load Balancer, Amazon Elasticashe, Amazon SQS, Amazon RDS and Amazon S3.

This intelligently engineered system had the potential to provide returns on McDonalds’ investment, even on smaller orders as this allowed easier integration of Amazon APIs and allow the platform to scale to 20000 orders per second with minimum latency.


An interesting and powerful move by McDonalds was the migration into Container approach using Docker services and integrating it with Amazon Elastic Services. The portable, flexible, fast and efficient nature of containers also are the right fit for CI/CD pipeline.

Several other fast food chains and beverage sellers like Coca Cola also use AWS services to enable faster and more convenient approach for serving customers.




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