Automation using Ansible

Ansible Workshop

Workshop review

The workshop held on 28.12.2020 was an amazing way of ending the year with an insight into the world of Automation by the people best at it. Eminent professionals from RedHat joined to impart valuable experience and knowledge to students. Mr. Sreejith Anujan, Principal Instructor at RedHat and Arun Eapen, Service Delivery, GLS at RedHat Asia Pacific.

Participants were introduced to Ansible Tower, a wonderful tool to implement automation in form of CI/CD pipelines. AWS ec2 instances were used to setup a VPC network. Oracle Cloud was implemented using third party APIs using the principle of python. ChatOps was introduced using notification system implemented in slack, mail and messages as an outcome of the CI/CD pipelines.

RedHat and Linux World came up with this amazing initiative to help students grasp better understanding and preparing them for RH-294 certification.




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Abhiroop Bas

Abhiroop Bas

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